This Agreement is made on:              /         /         .

This agreement is between:

M4 Recruitment Limited (registered company no. 09856702) of Coombe Square, Thatcham, Berkshire, RG19 4JF. (“the employment business”)

– AND –

  •                                              (Name) of                                                                                                                         (Address) (“the associate”)

In accordance with the Working Time Road Transport Regulations 2005 the employment business and the associate mobile worker have agreed to adopt the option for flexibility provided by the regulations in respect of night-work limit and reference periods for calculating the 48 hour working time.


  1. Definitions

“The Locations” Shall mean the branch address of M4 Recruitment Ltd which you normally take your assignments from and pass your weekly timesheets to;

“The Regulations” Shall mean the Road Transport Working Time Regulations 2005;

“The Mobile Worker” Shall mean the above named ‘Associate’ engaged by M4 Recruitment Ltd at any branch address;

“Night Worker” Shall mean night workers as defined by the regulations and engaged by M4 Recruitment Ltd

  1. Scope of Agreement

This agreement is made pursuant to regulation 9(2) (extended night work limit) and 4(3)a setting fixed calendar reference periods also 4(4) extension of reference period to maximum of 26 weeks.

  1. Term of Agreement

This agreement shall remain in force for a period of 5 years from 31st December 2019, when it will cease to have effect or until it is terminated by either party at any time giving 3 months notice in writing to the other party.

  1. Operative Provision

 The parties acknowledge and agree that the regulations will impact upon the manner in which the association is managed and conducted. The parties believe that it is in the benefit of both the Employment Business and the Associate for certain of the provisions of the regulations to be extended or modified.

  1. Night Work Limit

The Night Worker will work beyond the 10-hour night work limit stated in the regulations but only to the extent where this would not be in breach of other provisions of the regulations or EU Drivers Hours Regulations 3820/85. The workforce has the right to review and amend or repeal the derogation with regards to work beyond the 10-hour limit where there is a change to a work pattern or similar, which will impact on night shift work.

  1. Reference Period

6.1 For the purpose of calculating the 48- hour average the reference period shall be 17 weeks for the first period commencing on 31st December 2019 and 26 weeks there after.

6.2 The reference periods will begin at 00:00 Monday and conclude at 24:00 Sunday for each week and each period. The reference periods that will apply to mobile workers will be

·         YEAR ONE 31/12/19 – 27/04/20 & 28/04/20 – 26/10/20
·         YEAR TWO 27/10/20 – 26/04/21 & 27/04/21 – 25/10/21
·         YEAR THREE 26/10/21 – 25/04/22 & 26/04/22 – 24/10/22
·         YEAR FOUR 25/10/22 – 24/04/23 & 25/04/23 – 23/10/23
·         YEAR FIVE 24/10/23 – 22/04/24 & 23/04/24 – 21/10/24


This pattern of fixed calendar reference periods will continue until this agreement is terminated.

  1. Avoidance of Doubt

For the avoidance of doubt the parties acknowledge and agree that as specifically set out above the provisions of the regulations shall be of full force and effect.


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Printed above for and on behalf of:                                 Printed above by:

M4 Recruitment Ltd                                                   Associate – Mobile Worker


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Signed above for and on behalf of:                                 Signed above by:

M4 Recruitment Ltd                                                  Associate – Mobile Worker