Earth Day 2022: Five Green Hacks to make your Office more Sustainable

22nd April 2022

See our tips on making your office more sustainable below!


Solutions for Eco- Friendly Office Supplies

Opting for recycled paper which is made with 100% post-consumer waste and using refillable pens fountain & whiteboard markers will help reduce plastic waste and can be used again and again. Thankfully there are many more options for eco-friendly office supplies to choose from today, making it easier to help the earth.


Ditch the Single Use Plastics

Reduce your plastic waste and save yourself some pennies by reusing. Replace your single use plastics at lunch by swapping your plastic sandwich bags with silicone reusable sandwich bags, using metal cutlery and a reusable water bottle rather than plastic alternatives.


Grab your Colleagues & Take Yourselves Out on a Walk during Breaks

By spending a short time outside during your day you can reduce your stress levels and can promote a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing. Simply getting yourself out on a walk for just 20 minutes a day or by having short bursts of exercise provides significant advantages, and is absolutely crucial for those working in offices.


Incorporate Plants into your Office Space for a Pop of Greenery and Improved Air Quality.

Alongside connecting with nature and sprucing up the office, plants have several health benefits. A few benefits include; reduced stress, reduced sickness rates, encourages creativity & improves the air quality. Discover all these benefit by building your plant collection, start small by picking a few that are easier to care for then let it grow!


Support local

Help out your local community by giving them your business. You can make big changes like switching to a local office supplier or smaller by going to a local cafe for your lunch. These steps will help reduce the carbon footprint of transportation and imported goods. It’s better for the planet and helps support small businesses!